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ARRL DX Contest, CW (2019)

Well, as they say, 'Another one in the books'. I found this to be an enjoyable contest, for a change. With the contest being the next weekend after the CQ WPX RTTY contest, most of the station work we could do was done prior to that contest. This made the week between contests much less stressful for me.

CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW (2019)

The 2 el 90 foot Tee transmit antenna was working well as were the NE, NW AND SE
beverages and the 8 circle rx antenna. Friday night the band wasn't working so
well. Eur was simply not hearing US stations well. Eur stations that are
normally loud and hear well were loud but not hearing well. Everyone to the west
as far as KH6 had decent signals and were hearing well. Lar felt bad in turning
it over to Ken around 06Z things were so bad.

North American QSO Party, CW - January (2019)

This was a last minute thing, that turned out to be as much about 'Elmering', as
operating. Arnie is a good listener and understands things well.

(I would call him 'smart' or 'intelligent', but then again, there is the story
of going INTO a small cave after a bear, while hunting. I think I will find it
hard to use those two words, and maybe other, when describing Arnie.)

Stew Perry Topband Challenge (2018)

                     Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: NR4M
Operator(s): NR4M
Station: NR4M

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 8:42

Total:  QSOs = 582  Total Score = 2,408

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


After a while (about 50 Q's), I realized I had left packet connected, so I changed to 'Multi'.

Thanks for the Q's.

73 de Steve, NR4M

ARRL 10-Meter Contest (2018)

Call: NR4M
Operator(s): NR4M
Station: NR4M

Class: SO CW Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 5:13

Band QSOs Mults
CW: 328 57
Total: 328 57 Total Score = 74,784

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Thanks for the Q\'s

73 de Steve NR4M

NR4M ARRL 160-Meter Contest (2018)

Well, this was really a messed up contest for me.  I have no clue how I did this well.

Normally, I do not do much, if any, of a write-up, but this time I thought it might be worth an explanation of ‘Mr. Murphy’s’ visit.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW 2018

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: NR4M
Station: NR4M

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Central VA
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 367 21 80
80: 991 29 107
40: 1977 38 151
20: 1960 34 142
15: 590 25 100
10: 9 4 3
Total: 5894 151 583 Total Score = 11,899,608

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


WAE DX Contest, CW (2018)

Contest started out well enough, I suppose. With a new rule this year that
requires competitive stations to have an audio file of their operating
AVAILABLE, if needed, I suppose. I used Audacity (freeware from the web) and it
seemed to work well enough, but it each computers on-board sound card, were 'all
over the place' as far as getting settings correct, and, hopefully, the same.
We'll see...

CQWW WPX Contest, CW (2018)

Terrible thunderstorms both nights forced us off the air for hours at a time.
And, to boot, network issues forced us to shut down in order get things working
again. Unconnected co-ax's were 'snapping' because of electricity in the air. Not a comfortable feeling.
This 'off time' really killed us.

Three ops canceled last minute do to health issues.

Thanks for all the Q's.


ARRL DX CW de NR4M M/M (2018)

As always, a big part of any of our contesting efforts is enjoying the camaraderie of those with a like passion for contesting, especially CW contesting. The spirit of camaraderie was in abundance this weekend. We had a guest op, Don, K6ZO, who we met at the Richmond hamfest. He rode down from DC to spend the weekend in front of a radio. We also had Matt, W4GO, come by on Saturday, to meet the gang and get a feel for the station.


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