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CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest (2015)

Contest started off miserably. Software put the contact times all over the place. I know this is going to kill our score. For a SFI of 125, 10 was a big surprise. My first EU QSO Saturday morning was
with IW9FRA at 1153 UTC, and we consistently made Q's on 10 for the next 12+ hours. Had a nice, but short 10m LP opening to Asia Saturday AM, with some JA's and one BY in the log.

CQ160 CW NR4M Multi-Op HP (2015)

Found condx first night to leave a lot to be desired. Stations were not
as strong as I've seen them past contests, and just didn't seem to be as
many at any given time. Just didn't have the seemingly endless pile-up
as in the past.

RTTY Roundup NR4M M/S HP (2015)

Idea was to have fun. John, K3TN, came to visit and joined us for a couple of hours of operating. Larry, K7SV and I 'putzed' around the rest of the time.
Had a K3 go 'belly up' with a 'voltage error' and refused to put out anything more than the 12 watts from the low power stage.  <sigh!> That was not a fun thing, so without fun, I quit for the night.


Limited time due to 'life'. Thanks for all the Q's. Merry Christmas everyone.

ARRL 10-Meter Contest (2014)

Trying new stuff out. In the past, I've never had an antenna lower than 120 feet that I could turn and use in domestic contest.  That was really miserable.  Day before the contest, a friend gave me a 5 ele 10 meter yagi that K7SV and I got up the day  of the contest.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (2014)

The crew at The Goat Farm (NR4M) once again had a great time in the CQWWCW Contest. While every year it becomes more and more difficult to find operators available Thanksgiving weekend, we continued in the Multi/Multi category to give everyone plenty of time in the chair. At Goatville there is always  a desire to be as competitive as possible, but ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves is always important.

18 Oct 2014 Rappahannock Chapter PVRC meeting notes

The meeting was called to order by Frank K4EC at 10:30. Old and new business were called for with no response. This was the second meeting for W6LWG and K4GTF. Dick and Gary were voted into the club. Applications should be forwarded this week.

CQ WW DX CW 2014

The 2013 CQ WW RTTY Trophy has arrived

The 2013 CQ WW RTTY Trophy has arrived: #1 North America at Multi/Multi Category!


Meeting held at NR4M (Da Farm) QTH, called to order at 10:15 23 Aug 2014.
New Business: None
Old Business: None
Monkey Business: Plenty
Once around he room:
We missed K4EC and K4ZW at the meeting. Both of theirs wives currently have serious health problems. Your thoughts and prayers for Katie and Sue are appreciated.


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