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Future antenna plans

10 meters:
Add another stacked pair of 6 element yagis, on the 40 meter tower, pointed to JA/ASIA.   Height has not been determined, but most likely something like 115/150 feet.

15 meters:
No changes planned.

20 meters:
Replace the lower two antennas of the main 20 meter 4 stack, with electrically identical antennas that are built with a ‘huskier’ design.   The ‘standard’ OWA taper schedule was not up to the task.  The antennas showed signs of fatigue due to vibration caused by the ever present breeze.  The top two have been replaced and are holding up fine.  Most parts have been fabricated and, hopefully, will be swapped out this summer. 
The antennas that will be removed will be the basis for the new JA 10 meter stack. 

40 meters:
Investigate and repair the ‘high SWR while turning’ problem that popped up on the top 40m OWA during the second night of the 2012 WPX contest.

80 meters:
Possibly add an 8 element receive 4 sq array.

160 meters:
Add an 8 element receive 4 sq array.
Change from the 2 ele TEE loaded vertical array to a full size 4 sq hung off the back 190 tower.

(as of June 10, 2012)

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