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Goat Farm current antennas



10 Meters:
125 feet of 45G with tweeked Hygain 105's @ 30/60/90 feet, non-switchable and fixed on EU.  Another 105 at 125 feet, which is fully rotatable.
A pair of 6 element, NR4M design, yagi's, non-switchable and fixed to SA.  These are mounted @35/70 feet on the 40 meter tower.
Low rotatable 5 el Hygain on 72 foot crank-up for use in domestic contest ~ 40feet.

15 Meters:
120 feet of 45G with 5 element, NR4M design, yagi's mounted @ 40/80/120 feet.  All antennas are fully rotatable, with lower two on ring rotating assemblies.
All combinations of the 3 antennas can be selected.

20 Meters:
Tower 1:
165 feet of 55G with 5 element OWA style antennas mounted @ 40/80/120/160 feet.  There is a bearing assembly mounted at the 90 foot point which allows the top 70+ feet to turn independant of the the lower part.  The lower 2 antennas are fixed on EU and are fed together, with the top 2 antennas being fully rotatable and also fed together.  The top section of tower is rotated by a side mounted large pattern prop pitch gearbox.
Tower 2:
190 feet of surplus military AB-105 tower with a 6 element, 54 ft boom yagi of NR4M design.  Rotated with a small pattern prop pitch gearbox.

40 Meters:
Tower 1:
190 feet of HD AB-105 'clone' with pair of 4 element OWA style antennas.  One fixed on EU @100 feet and another, fully rotatable, at 190 feet.  Rotator is the big (88 sq feet) Prosistel.

Tower 2:
72 foot crankup with full size, home brew rotatable dipole at 73 feet, for use in domestic contests.

Full size transmit 4 square array with close to 280 35 foot radials.
Switching controlled by Green Heron Everywhere software/hardware at 2.4 gigs (yagi)  DC power thru coax bias tee's.

Bobtail vertical array with 60 radials.  Aligned to favor NW/SE.

80 Meters:
4 element 1/4 wave 4-square array made from 6 inch diameter aluminum from surplus military conical monopole arrays.  Each element has 60 1/4 wave radials.
Hanging from a catenary between two 190 foot towers, is a 4 element delta loop array.  The 'virtual boom' is about 170 feet long and the height of the elements averages about 160 feet, or so.   Fed with home made 600 ohm open wire into a balanced "L" tuner.
Low inverted VEE mounted off of the top of the 72 foot crankup tower.

160 Meters:
Also hanging from a catenary between towers, is a 2 element, TEE loaded vertical array.  This was intended to be just a 'quickie' weekend antenna to get on the air, but has turned out to be a really good antenna.  There are a large, but unknown number of radials under these verticals.

Receiving antennas:
3 single wire Beverages, 580 to 1200 feet in lenght.  Directios are NE, SE and NW.

Receive EIGHT CIRCLE arrays for 160m and 80m.  Located between 1000 feet and 1200 feet from their corresponding transmit antennas.

All antennas and rotators are controlled by Green Heron Everywhere software/hardware via 2.4 GHz links.

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