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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (2014)

The crew at The Goat Farm (NR4M) once again had a great time in the CQWWCW Contest. While every year it becomes more and more difficult to find operators available Thanksgiving weekend, we continued in the Multi/Multi category to give everyone plenty of time in the chair. At Goatville there is always  a desire to be as competitive as possible, but ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves is always important.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (2013)

Great to see good propagation for the contest. Seemed this was the year for hardware failures, both before and during the contest. 'Stuff' happens. Too much food and not enough full time ops. Of course, if we had the ops, the food would have worked out fine.

CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (2013)

Had 5 ops that had minimal contesting or ham radio or n1mm experience, do this operation was a bit less polished than others may have been in the past.  This said, it was lots of fun and much was learned. Conditions were great, especially on 10!  Been a while since it's been that good.  'Roasted' a remote switch box on 10 with all the CQ'ing, the power and 1.7:1 SWR on the stack.  Hey, that's the way it goes sometimes.

CQ WW DX CW Contest (2012)

Well, another CQWW CW is in the books at the Goat Farm. This year due to the timing of Thanksgiving holiday, a large number of our regular ops were unavailable and others could only stop by for a short while. So in the interest of sanity (and sleep ... we are not getting any younger) we opted for Multi-Single this year. After the full 48-hours, however, we certainly realized this Multi-Single stuff in CQWW is a lot of work! No just sitting around and 'running 'em ... you actually have to THINK about strategy and band changes and all that.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY (2012)

What a great weekend! Great friends, great conditions and we introduced three folks to the world of RTTY contesting. We had a pair of delightful young ladies join us. Sally G2YL who is residing in Northern Virginia put a lot of Qs in the log and provided great diversity to the usual contest weekend banter. While, Steve's NR4Ms daughter, Jennifer, has grown accustomed to all the contest 'strangeness' over the years, this weekend she actually participated in it, making a number of contacts on 20 meters.



CQWW DX CW (2010)

Conditions seemed to be great for this years running of CQWWCW. The Goat Farm Crew had a terrific time! Half the guys fought Thanksgiving weekend traffic in traveling to and from the farm.

2011 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (2011)

Everything pretty well came together station-wise for the contest and the propagation deities really favored us this time around. 10 thru 40 were great all weekend. 80 was terrific Friday night, but not so much Saturday night. Jim W4PRO did a terrific job milking top band for multipliers and what Qs were available. The flux was down some, but that probably helped the low bands while ten meters was open world-wide.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY (2011)

Can't really add to what has already been written about the FANTASTIC conditions. Everything was open all the time, it seemed. Some of the EU signals on 10 and 15 were super loud! Being a RTTY contester with limited experience, W4PK and N2QT, showed me how they were using two digital windows, each with a different antenna source. Thought this was really a neat thing.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (2007)

We're getting much closer to having NR4M ready for the big time. The core antennas are in place for 80 through 15 - 80 = 4SQ and appear to be working well. 40 = pair 4 el OWAs 190/100ft, 20 = 5/5/5/5 top at 160ft, 15 = 5/5/5 top at 120ft.


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