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CQ 160 meter

CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW (2019)

The 2 el 90 foot Tee transmit antenna was working well as were the NE, NW AND SE
beverages and the 8 circle rx antenna. Friday night the band wasn't working so
well. Eur was simply not hearing US stations well. Eur stations that are
normally loud and hear well were loud but not hearing well. Everyone to the west
as far as KH6 had decent signals and were hearing well. Lar felt bad in turning
it over to Ken around 06Z things were so bad.

CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW (2018)

The CW CQ160 contest was as always a lot of fun. Lack of atmospheric noise and partial resolution to power line noise problems to the west made it even more enjoyable.

CQ 160 CW CONTEST (2017)

Steve NR4M, Larry K7SV and Ken, K4ZW, split operating time. Steve ran from 22Z until around 03Z and then 10Z until after sunrise both days. Larry ran from 03Z until about 10Z both. Ken came by Saturday evening and operated some of Steve's shift. Noise on the band was very minimal with the transmit antenna being very effective on receive. Conditions were very good within the US both days and west coast signals were

CQ160 CW NR4M Multi-Op HP (2015)

Found condx first night to leave a lot to be desired. Stations were not
as strong as I've seen them past contests, and just didn't seem to be as
many at any given time. Just didn't have the seemingly endless pile-up
as in the past.

CQ 160 CW (2014)

Conditions down from last year. Thanks for the contacts. 73 de Steve, NR4M

CQ 160-Meter (2011)


CQ 160-Meter (2010)


CQ 160-Meter (2009)


CQ 160-Meter (2008)


CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW (2004)

First contest operation from the new NR4M qth. Hung a full sized ground plane from the 160ft 20 meter tower and put a beverage up for Eur. Condx were quite good with Eur and the west coast both being very loud Sunday morning. Can we trade a couple South Dakota Qs for North Dakota. How about a couple VE3s for a VE4 or VE5?

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