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ARRL DX Contest, CW (2020)

Glad this one is behind us. Just too much last minute stuff to deal with. Just about dusk on Friday, we discovered that part of the pair of 160 meter phased antennas had come down. One of the top loading wires had broken and was hanging down against the vertical radiator. I wasn't involved with the attempted 'fix-in-the-dark', but I can attest that it wound up a mess. The 160 antenna was mostly un-usable Friday night. More like a remote dummy load than an antenna.

CQ WPX RTTY Contest (2020)

CQ WPX RTTY Contest - 2020

Call: NR4M
Operator(s): NR4M
Station: NR4M

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 3:13

Band QSOs
40: 58
20: 133
15: 25
Total: 216 Prefixes = 167 Total Score = 110,721

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Thanks for the Q's.

CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW (2020)

Super conditions Saturday evening. Was fun just listening to Ken, K4ZW, run EU
Saturday evening (local.)
Thanks for all the Q's

Jan North American QSO Party, SSB (2020)

Did this for the club competition.
Was planning on 10 Q's, but called CQ @ 7181 and stations kept coming. Wound up
working 54 instead of the intended 10.

Hungarian DX CW contest (2020)

Actually, a really nice contest. Everyone works everyone. And, plenty of activity.
Did work a very loud VU2 on 20 this morning and a long path VK2 on 40 in the afternoon.

Jan NAQP CW de NR4M (2020)

Moved from 40 before I planned, due to an intermittent high SWR on the Moxon.
Other antennas on 40 seemed to be a bit too high, so moved to 80 rather early.
Nice to see plenty of stations on 15.

ARRL RTTY Roundup (2020)

Don't know why I always choose 'assisted', when I always stay on one spot and CQ.
I guess it's nice to know how loud I am here and there

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