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Pete, N4ZR


Name: Pete Smith
Current call: N4ZR
Previous calls held: WN8QZR, W8QZR, HL9TM, K4FOK, 3B8DT
How long a ham? 58 years
How long a PVRC member? 34 years
Occupation: retired bureaucrat
Favorite mode: CW
Favorite contest(s): ARRL DX, Sweepstakes
Notable awards or achievements: a few national top ten finishes, division wins in SS.
Wrote arguably the first contest logging software with integrated CW, for the Commodore 64
What do you like about ham radio other than contests? Fooling with new computer technology and old antenna ideas
Current home station setup: 97-foot Rohn 25 tower, stacked Force 12 C3Es at 97 and 69 feet, Force 14 EF240S at 104 feet, 3-element 80m lazy vee array, tower shunt fed on 160.
Elecraft K3, modified SB-220
Other radio clubs you belong to: none
Favorite ham radio related book or magazines:
Other interests besides ham radio:

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