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IARU HF World Championship (2019)

IARU HF World Championship - 2019

Call: NR4M
Operator(s): NR4M
Station: NR4M

Operating Time (hrs): 8:41

IARU HF World Championship (2013)

The Potomac Valley Radio Club hosted both the ARRL headquarters station, led by captain Steve Bookout NR4M, and the IARU headquarters station, led by captain Fran Donovan W3LPL. Steve's team, operating as W1AW/4, has been spread amongst 8 different stations in North Carolina and Virginia, while Frank's team, operating as NU1AW/3, has been spread amongst 5 different stations in Maryland.

IARU HF World Championship (2006)


IARU HF World Championship (2012)

Rules make it not as much fun for a multi-op. Off for about 2 hours because of electrical storms in area. Had the pleasure of having Sandy, YO3ND, operate with us, while visiting N2YO. Had plenty of time BS, and we did.

IARU HF World Championship (2007)

NR4M team had a great time as usual in the IARU. This year we had the pleasure of Bill, KC4D and Fred W4DF joining us. There were actually a smattering of phone Qs, made, but for the most part it was CW. The station is slowly coming together.

IARU HF World Championship (2011)

We used the IARU as a vehicle to give a logging program a decent evaluation. Not having at least an M/2 category or use of a second station working mults only made this contest somewhat frustrating under present condx. Multipliers would show up on 10M but weren't around long enough to put a list together to make the ten minute investment worthwhile.

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