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Frank, ON9CC


Name: Frank WJ Bogers
Current call: ON9CC
Previous calls held: ON9CFB
How long a ham? since 1990
How long a PVRC member? -
Occupation: Manager Ford Technical Helpdesks (Europe)
Favorite mode: CW
Favorite contest(s): CQWW & WPX
Notable awards or achievements: 6m DXCC
What do you like about ham radio other than contests? DX/Weaksignal/EME on my favorite bands: 160m & 6m.
Current home station setup: IC7800, Alpha 91b, ACOM1000
Dipoles, beverages and K9AY for 160/80/40.
Optibeam OB11-3 for 10/15/20
2x7 el. LFA yagi for 6m.
Other radio clubs you belong to:
Favorite ham radio related book or magazines: NCJ,QSL,FUNK
Other interests besides ham radio: WW2 military vehicles.
V8 cars/trucks.

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