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CQWW WPX Contest, CW (2012)

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: NR4M

Operator(s): PC5A, ON9CC, PB2T/NB2T, N4ZR, K4EC, K4ZW, NR4M, N2YO, K7SV, N3UA

Station: NR4M

Class: M/M HP


Operating Time (hrs): 48


Band QSOs


160: 88

80: 567

40: 1254

20: 2296

15: 2216

10: 680


Total: 7101 Prefixes = 1448 Total Score = 28,558,904

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Another terrific CQWPX CW has come and gone. It's going to be hard to beat this one.

First we had four new folks operating with us. Aurelio PC5A and Frank ON9CC included a stay with us after Dayton. Hans PB2T/NB2T who is in the area on temporary assignment stopped by on Sunday. And last, but certainly not least, Pete N4ZR spent the weekend.

Then, we can talk about conditions, but I think it's all been pretty well said.

Ten could have been a bit better, but that probably would have been at the expense of 80 and maybe 160.

Was 15 hot or what? Frank ON9CC who seems to gravitate to 160 and

6 meters was a bit disappointed in the activity on top band.

Aurelio PC5A who spent a lot of time on 20 had a ball.

Pete N4ZR did a tremendous job on 15 and Hans PB2T had a little fun on ten.

I don't want to slight regulars K4EC, K4ZW, NR4M, N2YO or N3UA who once again were terrific company and laid huge numbers of Qs in the logs!PC


Activity on 80 was understandably light but the band was fairly quiet until Sunday night. 40 continues to produce great low band points for us.

Again, we were fortunate that the station held up well.

It's always tough to get sufficient operators for the two premier CW contest holiday weekends (CQWW CW Thanksgiving and CQWPX CW Memorial Day).

It's been suggested before, but it seems that it would be fair to alternate the weekends of the CW contests with the fone versions of the same contests each year!

Many thanks to Steve and Carolyn for feeding our habit so nicely once again.

Thanks to the following 10 stations for 6 band Q's.













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