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NR4M Pigfest 2018



The meeting was called to order by Larry K7SV at 12:30PM

A moment of silence was held in honor of our recently departed friend and mentor Bob Morris W4MYA. I'm sure Dude is runnin 'em more than ever!

New business - This was the second meeting for Bruce W6SFG, Mike KD7PUF, Sharon KM4ZZZ and Jonathan KM4REH. All four were voted into membership.

Awards were issued to:

NR4M - PVRC Olympics 2018 Gold Medal

N4CF - PVRC Olympics 2018 Gold Medal

K7SV - PVRC Olympics 2018 Gold Medal and 60M 5 Million award endorsement

K4GMH - PVRC Olympics 2018 Bronze Medal and 80M 5Million award endorsement

N2YO - PVRC Olympics 2018 Bronze Medal

KA4RRU - 20M 5Million award endorsement

K1HTV - 60M 5Million award endorsement

KK4RTF - 1M Progress Certificate towards the 5Million award

The meeting was adjourned at 1:07PM.

At this time Bud W2RU was provided opportunity to address the group regarding his run for ARRL Roanoke Division Director and why he was doing so. John W4IM was then given opportunity to brief the group on his run for ARRL Roanoke Division Vice Director and why he was running.

At this point the gang was turned loose on a fantastic meal of Ribs, pulled pork, hot brats, burgers and a great assortment of side dishes and deserts provided by guests. There were roughly 60 hams in attendance and a number of wives and children. Oh yeah, can't forget K9DOG Steve's new Labradoodle "Lucy"!

Frank W3LPL gave his presentation on low band receiving antennas. This is the same one that he provided at the Contest University at Dayton last year. In it he addressed specific characteristics of each type of antenna, making it easy for one to decide what might be best, based on a number of characteristics such as available space, local noise and such.

Chip N2YO recorded it and that recording is available at:

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