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ARRL RTTY roundup de NR4M (2018)

Call: NR4M Operator(s): NR4M Station: NR4M Class: Single Op HP QTH: VA Operating Time (hrs): 6 Summary: Band QSOs ------------ 80: 40: 185 20: 91 15: 33 10: ------------ Total: 309 State/Prov = 45 Countries = 24 Total Score = 21,321 Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club Comments: Just could not get enthused about this contest. My 20 meter antennas were frozen (literally) toward EU and working the US off the back of an antenna is not much fun. And too much other stuff going on to be in a contest I really wasn't up for. Thanks for the Q's Stay warm. 73 de Steve, NR4M


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