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Meeting was called to order at 1:35PM by Larry K7SV

Old business – none

New business – none

Business meeting was adjourned followed by comments from Commodore Bud W3LL.

Bud thanked Steve NR4M for his gracious hospitality and commented on the great attendance and excellent food.

Bud polled the crowd to see who had viewed the reflector and the web site as well as the recently added Facebook page. He also briefed the group on 20/20, the 5M award as well as the 1M to 4M encouragement certificates. He announced that for SS this year scores will count double towards the 5M award. Bud spoke to the NCCC/PVRC/SMC NAQP traveling cup and the fact that SMC beefed up membership before the second phone running which allowed them to take the trophy this year. Bud also discussed celebration of the 70th anniversary of PVRC by activating at the end of December for five days, the call signs of six of the clubs great founding members.


Arnie (Gunner} KN4DEB attended his second (at least) club meeting and was voted into membership.

Gunner KN4DEB came into ham radio and contesting by an interesting route. Steve (ever gregarious) met Gunner at Steve’s wives business at one time and then again at a local diner. As they chatted Gunner told Steve that he was retired from the Marine Corps where amongst other things he was an intercept CW operator. They discussed amateur radio and Arnie expressed interest in getting licensed. Shortly after their second meeting Arnie was visiting the farm during a CW contest. Steve sat down with him on 15 which was fairly quiet. Arnie was picking calls out left and right. So Steve tutored Arnie on N1MM and turned him loose. Arnie was working them at 30-35 WPM. Steve went to another position to answer a question and when he came back, Arnie had two pair of headsets on. One was for the 15M run station and the other was for the 15M mult station. He was essentially doing SO2R. Steve asked him who told to do that and Arnie said “no-one, it just seemed like a good thing to do”. Since then Arnie has taken and passed his Tech and General class tests and is working on his Extra and has participated at NR4M in several contests.


Bud presented the Presidents Leadership award to Ted W3TB for various efforts as Vice President including organizing the PVRC Galactic luncheon following the Frostfest in Richmond.

Tim N3QE presented 20/20 awards to K3AJ, K4MI and N4CF. Tim also presented “Keep Calm and Sweep Stakes” awards to W3LL, K7SV, NN4RB, W0CN, K4MIL and KA4RRU.

Larry K7SV presented 5M plaques to Rappahannock Chapter members KA4RRU, KG3V, N3ZV and N4CF. A number of endorsement plates were also presented.

49 amateurs signed onto the attendance board and a number of XYLs joined them.

73 de Lar K7SV

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