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Stew Perry Topband Challenge 2013

Stew Perry Topband Challenge Call: NR4M Operator(s): K7SV K4GM NR4M Station: NR4M Class: Multi-Op HP QTH: va Operating Time (hrs): 14 Summary: Total: QSOs = 660 Total Score = 3,128 Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club Comments: Well, Darn... K7SV and I got our 'wires' crossed and wound up going over time badly. He thought I started last and I thought he was going to take a couple of hours off in the wee hours. Only missed it by about 50 minutes. Of course, this means the 2 VK6's (38 pts each0 and the ZL don't count! This will either get cut off at 14 hours or become a check log. Either way, it was fun. My receiving array seems to be working again after a major water issue. For as well as they work, I still seem to be listening the wrong way when someone calls. 'Bout wore the switch out... Thanks to all that worked us. And, look for you in the CQWW 160. 73 from the Goat Farm de Steve, NR4M


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