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Frank, K4EC

Frank, K4EC (SK)


Name: Frank Mackey AKA "Big Frank"
Current call: K4EC
Previous calls held: WV2DPH, WA2DPH, N1BSX, N4GUS
How long a ham? Since 1958
How long a PVRC member? Since 1996
Occupation: IT Engineer
Favorite mode: CW - RTTY
Favorite contest(s): WPX
Notable awards or achievements: HA!!!
What do you like about ham radio other than contests? Camaraderie with other hams in the contest while running multi-op  - Home Brewing, Antennas, Repeater Maintenance
Current home station setup: Limited by C&CR
Other radio clubs you belong to: Formerly Mount Vernon ARC
Favorite ham radio related book or magazines: NCJ
Other interests besides ham radio: My Family

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